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Give your young child an EARLY ADVANTAGE in their learning in our Multiple Intelligence Program (16 months to 4 years) or our Read, Write and Number Program (3-5 years)  

BONUS FREE VICTORIAN CURSIVE ALPHABET CHART as taught in schools when you sign up now for a FREE TRIAL SESSION. Limited time only.

Programs suitable for your child include: Multiple Intelligence Program 16 months to 4 year old Read, Write and Number Program 3 to 5 year old

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"Since starting my son in Lively Learning at 16 months of age I have been surprised at how he has taken to the class structure, routine and activities. He is very engaged; and follows instruction and dance moves. It has made me realise how capable Johnny is of understanding and learning even at this young age." - Leah  

"I am certain that my son Aryan, who is now in grade one, is excelling and loving reading because he attended the Lively Learning Read, Write and Number Program - Neha

"Just some feedback that we are thoroughly enjoying and getting so much out of the Bright Button Sessions for my son! I think the lessons are informative, well thought-out and inspire so much learning. My son is not yet two, but his level of communication has really advanced for his age which I believe is an outcome from your classes. He is almost talking in sentences which as really imppressed my husband and I." - Geraldine


For a limited time only, when you sign up for a FREE TRIAL at Lively Learning, you will also receive a complimentary Alphabet Chart helping your child to learn the Victorian Cursive font as taught in primary schools.  

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